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Spaces of Remembrance Amidst Everyday Life

Constellation Park is a public memorial, embedded within the urban life of the metropolis. The project conveys acceptance of the physical finality of death, while recognizing both the endurance and transience of remembrance, and the cyclical nature of organic life.

The proposed system transforms individual biomass into a constellation of light under the Manhattan Bridge in New York City. Individual  "mourning lights," powered by the bio-energy latent within the corpse, materialize the ephemerality of remembrance. The aggregate glow of individual vessels generates a perpetual landscape honoring the deceased.

Semi-private, sheltered spaces are nested amidst communal processions and large ceremonial areas for diverse public functions. Here, the intimate and communal stages of grief are respected, but not cloistered. These spaces of death and remembrance are defined by and continually fortified within the cycles and energies of urban life.