Design, reinforced by research, reveals an urgent call to liberate city life from the burden of outmoded practices. A community’s need for sanitary and sensible disposal of corpses is intertwined with the need of survivors to organize suitable rituals and memorialize the deceased.

DeathLab’s body of research includes critical theoretical spatial propositions, data projections, scientific inquiry, and aims to develop ways to reduce the adverse impacts of our living years on the environment.

GSAPP Spring 2013: Legacy Bank

A bank is both a repository and a site of calibrated transformations.

Time regulates and is precisely measurable —it sequences events and structures our lives. Time is also illusive and precious, oscillating across states of compression and expansion. Money, time and memory slip between material and immaterial significance, between physical, worldly substances and ephemeral, even misleading, impressions.

This studio will explore intersections of banking, time and the legacies we leave behind, where the exactitude of accounting will be balanced with the imprecision of selective cognitive memory. Projects will navigate and re-shape the present with an awareness of remembered pasts and a persistent drive for anticipated futures.