DeathLab is an active space of conversation, observation, and engagement with life.

In order to stimulate new thinking about how we live and die in the contemporary urban context, we continually study the spaces and rituals of mortality within New York City and worldwide.

On this page, you will find posts of our recent activities, publications, and ongoing inquiries.

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Uncube Magazine
Uncube Magazine No. 38: Death, December 2015

"Architecture of death is not about withering and decay so much as living and building. It is about how we design, occupy and ritualise the structures intended to accommodate the last act in the hatch, match, and dispatch trilogy of civic duty. It's all about function - with just a little bit of legacy thrown in."

View new essays and interviews on Uncube Magazine, as well as blog article "Researching the Future of Death", featuring DeathLab work.

Wired City 2015 Tokyo Conference
Wired City 2015, October 2015

Latent’s collaborative research with DeathLAB at Columbia University will be presented at WIRED CITY 2015: Tokyo 2020 and Beyond.

Join Karla Rothstein for “Designing for Urban Life and Death” on Oct 13th at Roppongi Academy Hills in Tokyo More details and information for the conference is available here.

#wiredcon #wired2015
Wired Japan, December 2014
The Future of Death, Vol. 14 ( free magazine download for smartphones or iPad )

Democratizing Death: To Live and Die in the Metropolis ( view article PDF )

Praeger Publication, November 2013
Our Changing Journey to the End

Table of Contents ( preview )

What does dying with dignity mean in a diverse society with rapidly advancing technology, an aging population, and finite resources? In this fascinating collection, scholars from across the nation illuminate the remarkable changes that have taken place in recent years, are now underway, and loom on the horizon as they lead readers on an exploration of the ways Americans think about and handle dying and death. Volume 1, New Paths of Engagement, addresses changes in the circumstances and expressions of death, dying, and grief in 21st-century America. Volume 2, New Venues in the Search for Dignity and Grace, delves into the challenges inherent in creating a medical and social system that allows for an optimal end-of-life experience for all and proposes ways in which society can be reshaped to move toward that ideal.
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