Our mission is to transform civic infrastructure with spaces of remembrance. We will augment and eventually supersede current practices and desegregate the landscapes of conventional burial and cremation from active, public terrains. The DeathLab empowers scientific, socio-cultural, academic and municipal partnerships, engaging design to choreograph diverse constituents and revolutionize how cities accommodate their dead. The Lab’s proposals include sponsored investigations, projects produced in Karla Rothstein’s design studios at Columbia University GSAPP, and theoretical work of Latent Productions.

The exchange between life and death is explored in multiple scenarios, including the recognition of the poetry of impermanence, contemporary thoughts of memorializing the individual, and the remediation of polluted soil and water through microbial digestion. Each project integrates emerging science and visionary architecture, re-weaving the cycle of life and death into the fabric of the city while considering ways to support grief, memory, and the processes of acceptance